Trusted AI Systems

    Design AI  and data science for regulated, safety-critical and control systems. 

    AI is a technical concept - Trust is a human one.

    In order to trust an AI driven decision, we need to understand how that decision was reached. What inputs it was based upon, how it processed this data to reach the decision and what control measures are in place to prevent it from presenting the wrong answers.

    We believe that trust in AI must be earned and that is why we draw upon our diverse range of machine learning and industry specialists to design, build and deliver trusted AI solutions.

    1. AI and Trust 2021

    The Tenets of Trustworthy AI


    Trusted AI does what it’s supposed to do. Because AI learns from data, that data must be reliable.


    We know that a functional model on its own is not enough. Users need assurance that an AI can rationalise its answers and trust that it is not just guessing.


    AI/Human interfaces must be natural, intuitive, and be designed to promote a collegiate relationship between the two.

    Legal + Ethical

    A trusted AI reaches decisions that are fair and impartial. They respect privacy and place the ethical needs and rights of humans above everything else.


    Trusted AIs improve with real-world use, providing long-term value to organisations and their customers.

    The Importance of Trust

    Emerging AI exploits data in ways that generate huge opportunities. But there are trust gaps between what data and technology can do and what people will let it do.

    These trust gaps must be bridged in regulated spaces, such as finance and life sciences, to enable growth and innovation. To achieve this, AI must be designed as a whole product with a set of support services around it that allow users to trust its outputs.

    Tackling bias and key AI trust concerns

    Ensuring data quality and access

    Managing risk

    Transparency & explainability

    Our Expertise

    Experienced specialists

    Our global pool of specialists combines the right mix of knowledge and expertise to effectively address the complex issue of developing trusted data-driven systems.

    Solutions built at scale

    We specialise in delivering processes, solutions, and business models that promote trust at scale. Our industry partnerships ensure that projects align with governance and compliance.


    Data-driven methodology

    Working in close collaboration with your business and operational teams, we deliver innovative approaches at allow projects to develop at pace.

    Trust is About More Than Data Science. We Help Fill The Gaps.