Vertically integrated business models are a thing of the past. In the competitive new telecom ecosystem, customers are forcing operators to boost network capacity and connectivity

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    Strategic Priorities

    Telecommunications operators must reinvent themselves as Digital Businesses: creating new high-value services, entering new markets, and capturing new clients. At the same time, they must control costs and increase business efficiency – keeping a steady focus on the 'bottom line.' 5G and the cloud are the enablers of this transformation. The winners will be those that harness data and AI to deliver compelling customer services at scale efficiently and effectively.


    5G - A Blessing + A Challenge

    Fifth generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks is with us now, its adoption is expected to accelerate quickly. It will bring opportunity to business, it will bring benefits to us as consumers.

    With network trustworthiness assured by five core properties: resilience, communication security, identity management, privacy and security assurance; coupled with the blazing fast speeds and lower latency, we are set to see a revolution brought about by 5G.  Demand for connections and support will be significant.

    For all of us however, this new technology and rapid market development raises questions. The solutions to these, and many other challenges, can be found in your data.  Wherever you are in your 5G journey we can make it easier and more effective.

    Telcos as Adopters of Cloud

    In moving to the cloud Telcos can realise new revenue streams, they can improve their competitiveness. 

    In the cloud-based digital world data are created that can drive better pricing decisions and management of services.  ‘Big Data’ contains the signposts to potential opportunities for revenue, and for the development of new offerings.

    Tessella works with the largest CSPs and MNOs advising and assisting them in delivering the benefits of digital transformation. A deep industry knowledge coupled with our AI and advanced analytics skills enables us to ensure our clients realise the potential of their cloud adoption and digitisation programmes most effectively.