Screening Strategy Simulator

As screening capacity becomes leaner, and drug discovery projects more differentiated, there are tough choices on how much compound pre-screening to do before starting work with ex vivo models or moving into regulatory safety testing. Mistakes can be very expensive in lost time, spend and market opportunities. The highly interactive and visual ‘screening strategy explorer’ demonstrates, in a deliberately simplified model, how a simulator provides support for formal decision analysis and learning support.

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What is the right choice of screening strategy for a given project, given the performance of the predictive and screening methods on the relevant target and chemotypes? Many find it hard to get up to 90% of the value that could be delivered by using optimal plans, given the complexity of even this somewhat simplified planning problem. Even if your score is 95% of optimal, the potential improvement is no less than 5% of total pipeline value, for minimal investment in training and support.

Try screening strategy explorer to see how you get on.

Requires flashplayer 10 or higher