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    Intelligent systems bring huge value but present new challenges.

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    Enterprise application management

    Harnessing scientific, engineering, and data systems demands a new approach to application management – one that considers the unique challenges of complex self-learning systems.

    Getting your support service right pays dividends. You'll reduce the total cost of ownership, improve reliability, boost customer confidence, and enhance your ability to react to new business needs. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of R&D and engineering environments, we're the perfect partner to help you achieve it.

    Application management

    Intelligent software lifecycle management

    Our dedicated support division has 40 years’ experience in managing data-centric enterprise applications, data infrastructure, and intelligent solutions in complex scientific and engineering environments.
    Intelligent systems deployment can’t rely on traditional support processes and services. It needs re-training with operational data, rapid integration of new data pipelines, and software improvements, all whilst maintaining the application up-time your user communities demand.

    Why Tessella?

    We provide a truly end-to-end service. We understand that software drives your digital strategy, so we make sure your investment continues to deliver long into the future.

    • We understand the unique needs of AI software and offer the latest support processes and services.
    • We have access to the software development skills to provide lifecycle management to secure your investment.
    • Our focus is on delivering business value from AI and data science. Our culture, processes, and people are aligned to that mission.
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