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    Systems + Software Engineering

    Seamlessly develop your enterprise system from concept to real-world solution deployed into your organisation with our software development and application management services.

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    Enterprise software project services

    Software is the bond between your data-driven insights and the people who benefit from them. Our specialists weave together your business vision with enterprise thinking, targeted technology selection and a rigorous software engineering approach. This lowers time, costs and resources needed to deliver scalable and robust software solutions.

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    Enterprise architecture

    Converting smart AI innovations from the lab into high performing, trusted solutions in the hands of real people remains an overlooked challenge. Yet, there is no business value without it.

    We support the decision-making process that helps you capitalize on those opportunities and direct the evolution of your enterprise. Using advanced data science techniques, we build the right strategy that drives your next investment.

    A new level of process maturity

    The journey from AI model into enterprise software demands new methodologies and a multi-disciplinary mix of skills and experience beyond those available from traditional software engineering techniques.

    AI translators maintain the essential link between the technology focussed world of ‘AI speak’ and the end goals of your business: Software and data engineers who understand your data, your people and how AI thinks and delivers its answers.

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    Software + data engineering

    Software is the bond between people and your digital capability. For data science to ultimately have any value, there must be mechanisms for applying it to real-world operations. We specialize in the application of science to practical, functioning systems.

    Why Tessella?

    We understand that taking the leap from concept to full enterprise solution takes confidence, expertise, and experience.

    • We match real-world software engineering with deep domain knowledge and expertise.
    • We maintain an enterprise focus when delivering your business vision.
    • We’re technology multilateralists, so know the right tools for every job.
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