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    Tessella Consulting unlocks the art of the possible. We help you build your data science strategy with complete end-to-end enterprise AI, data science, and data management consultancy services.

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    Vision and Strategy

    Digital transformation needs a roadmap that’s crafted to meet your organization’s unique demands and opportunities. We offer consulting experience based on 40 years of delivering transformative, impactful data initiatives.

    Manage and control the deployment of AI, data, and analytics capability into your organization by developing an actionable, realistic plan. We make sense of complex landscapes and provide a roadmap for realizing your potential.

    Organization and internal capabilities

    Maximize your competitive advantage by organizing your business around AI. We build enterprise AI integration and change management strategies designed with business value in mind.

    Getting AI toolsets, technology platforms, and data infrastructure in place is no more than half the real picture. We also organize your business processes, resources, employees, and customers around AI.

    Combined with practical mentoring and direction, we show you how to organize around intelligent automation and unlock hidden capability within your organization.

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    Proof of value

    Even experienced digital organizations struggle to achieve value from AI investment. A lack of skills and resources or uncertainty around which idea or use case provides real business value results in data centric projects and workstreams failing to deliver real-world results.

    That’s where we come in.

    We specialize in developing proof-of-value for business cases that de-risks internal investment in new data science programmes. We rapidly determine a use case's or proof-of-concepts’ real-world value built from structured evidence – not subjective guesswork – to let you move forward with confidence.

    Implementation and control

    Data is only as valuable as the human connections made with it. Software is the bond between people and your digital capability.

    Converting smart AI innovations from the lab into high-performing, trusted AI solutions at the desktop, the edge, and mobile devices remains an overlooked challenge. Yet, there's no business value without it.

    Our consultants create and plan for your AI and data science enabled infrastructure. By collaborating with your internal stakeholders and customer teams, we ensure your digital governance and technology strategy move ahead with clear direction and immediate purpose.


    Data requires a special set of skills and experience.

    It’s the people who make the difference.

    John Godfree - Head of consulting

    John Godfree

    Head of consulting

    James Hinchliffe - Senior consultant

    James Hinchliffe

    Senior consultant

    Tim Pattenden - Senior Consultant

    Tim Pattenden

    Senior Consultant

    Liz Frush - Senior data scientist

    Liz Frush

    Senior data scientist

    Warwick Cooke - Senior consultant

    Warwick Cooke

    Senior consultant

    Paul Bruton - Senior consultant

    Paul Bruton

    Senior consultant

    Danica Greetham - Analytics Consultant

    Danica Greetham

    Analytics Consultant