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    Strategic Consulting

    Transforming your data science initiatives from vision to reality requires the right technology, talent, and plan. Develop all three with our strategy and consultancy services.

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    Build an exceptional AI organization

    Maximize your competitive advantage by organizing your business around AI. We build enterprise AI integration and change management strategies designed with business value in mind.

    Getting AI toolsets, technology platforms, and data infrastructure in place is no more than half the real picture. We also organize your business processes, resources, employees, and customers around AI.

    Combined with practical mentoring and direction, we show you how to organize around intelligent automation and unlock hidden capability within your organization.

    An exceptional AI organisation
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    Data science roadmapping

    Digital transformation needs a roadmap that’s crafted to meet your organization’s unique demands and opportunities. We offer consulting experience based on 40 years of delivering transformative, impactful data initiatives.

    Manage and control the deployment of AI, data, and analytics capability into your organization by developing an actionable, realistic plan. We make sense of complex landscapes and provide a roadmap for realizing your potential.

    AI innovation engine

    Designing, building, and implementing AI solutions demands a new way of thinking beyond traditional data analytics.

    Even experienced digital organizations struggle to achieve returns after backing AI initiatives. A lack of skills and resources, coupled with shaky development schedules, often result in AI projects failing to deliver value. That’s where we come in.

    We ensure rapid prototyping, testing, and innovation. A rapid kick-start that tests new ideas and unstick progress to real-world value. We provide business case development to de-risk AI investment, built from real-world evidence. And we keep your AI delivering value by identifying and removing barriers to success.

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    Why Tessella?

    We provide an end-to-end service that takes you through the innovation cycle from business vision to business value and that scales from high impact projects to enterprise-wide digital transformation.

    • EU & US offices provide dedicated local resources with on-demand access to our unrivaled global talent pool available at scale.
    • Over 350 data science and AI experts provide the range of talents needed for successful digital initiatives.
    • Our data science consultation has been refined over 40 years’ experience on 1000s of projects for 100s of clients.