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    AI + Data Science

    Funders are seeking to unlock more value from the giant pools of data gathered by the leading research organizations and their powerful scientific instruments. Our AI work enables research teams to extract meaning from raw experimental data, free up experts and shrink the backlog of experimental results that need to be analyzed. We work with you to accelerate the process of scientific discovery.


    Cloud + HPC

    Successful research projects increasingly depend on the combination of high-performance computing to run complex calculations and hyper-scale data capabilities to handle the vast volumes of data modern research generates. We work with research organizations to maximize the potential of cloud-based platforms to provide distributed access and the shared high-power computing resources scientists need.

    Robust Systems + Software

    There are few places with more complex computing needs than scientific research. In addition to handling large volumes of data and complex calculations, systems must be robust and efficient, able to harness new instruments that support more complex experiments and respond to the multiple needs of a sophisticated scientific user base. Over the last 40 years, we have worked with our clients to meet these challenges.