Science research

Our work is informed by a culture of science and long experience in science research including neutron sources, nuclear fusion, lasers and climate and environmental science

We answer your complex data and computing challenges – leaving you more time to focus on the science

Critical to the operation and capability of a scientific facility is the
ability to take advantage of new instruments that can support more
complex experiments. We deliver the systems and software used to control
these next generation instruments helping our clients put new
scientific capabilities into operation rapidly.


Data analytics consultancy, Tessella, secures software agreements to support global scientific breakthroughs

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Prestigious journal praises open-source data and analytics toolkit for climate scientists

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Rothamsted Research and Tessella opening up data to tackle global agriculture challenges

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STFC’s central laser facility develops £10 million laser system with the help of Tessella

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Software for Big Science: The Insider's Guide

Better software delivers better science Unleashing the power of scientific data

ELSEVIER: Mantid—Data analysis and visualization package for neutronscattering and μ SR experiments

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Tessella EPICS collaboration helps ISIS maintain position as world leading facility

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