Why should data projects be treated like scientific experiments?

It is received wisdom amongst many 'data gurus' that correlation equals insight. And, supporting data gurus in their quest for knowledge are plenty of analytics platforms to spot correlations, hidden relationships, and additional tools to blend data[…]

Why AI will redefine business operations and capabilities

AI often conjures up an image of an age when machines act like humans. Some find this exciting, others terrifying, but most find it too far fetched to give it serious thought. 

How open access to artificial intelligence changes everything

Over the past few months Google, Microsoft and Facebook have taken major decisions to make their Artificial Intelligence (AI) API's openly available to all. IBM have opened their Watson API on a 'freemium' basis and Elon Musk launched the OpenAI[…]

Hyenas, lions and city lights – accurately measuring behaviour is rarely straightforward

"The spotted hyena is a vastly unappreciated, misrepresented beast.” I’m sure it is, you say, but what’s it doing in your analytics blog? When I‘m not keeping up with the latest revolutions of the big data hype cycle†, you’ll find me reading popular[…]

Big data confusion floors my C-Suite alter-ego

My imaginary self has an ambition. I like to picture that I’m a multinational C-Suite executive with a fancy watch and fancier smile. My imaginary exec reads avidly the industry press to ensure that he is right across current thinking and opinion[…]

The relentless rise of the Big Data tribute act

You’d think anyone using social media, reading the technology press, or even watching the News at Ten would be fed up of Big Data by now. Nevertheless, new entrants in the buzzword Top 10 are climbing over each other in a desperate race to launch[…]

Why General Relativity is relevant, 100 years on, to today’s data scientists

“A bold claim, Sir!” I hear you cry. How can you relate General Relativity (GR), the mathematically complex realisation of an abstract picture of the universe to modern everyday data science? Is he really saying that forecasting customer churn or[…]

Intelligent Machines: New York's super smart AI couple and the need for nimble analytics

I have been following the BBC's recent theme on the state of the art of AI and Intelligent Machines with great interest. I've had a long-standing interest in robots and our interactions, which I put down to my father buying me a Bigtrak at an early[…]

Seeing the light - the 1500 year journey from Ptolemy to Fermat and its link to modern analytics

It should come as little surprise that the question “what is light?” has been returned to time and again in the development of human thought. As a means to judge how scientific understanding has evolved, it’s as good a yardstick as I can think of.[…]

The power of simplicity driving the self-service analytics market taps into a universal need

The woman who walked into the Outdoor Pursuits shop was middle aged, well dressed, respectable. I didn’t expect her to launch into a loud tirade directed at the poor sales assistant at the counter. He didn’t know what had hit him, but his calmness[…]

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