A maturity model for clinical trial design

Harnessing the Power of Modeling and Simulation

R&D productivity: Analytics of a new drug

Try Googling “pharmaceutical crisis” and you’ll find a mass of dire statistics that lays bare the scale of the challenge facing Big Pharma. Recent years have seen key players undergo cycles of restructuring and though they can still make good money[…]

Just keep to the script: analytics doctoring, Hollywood style

Every now and then, we all have to negotiate a conflict thrown up by the competing, contradictory parts of our lives. This blog looks at one of mine squarely in the face. Professional voice As a Head of Analytics shouldn’t I be a supporter of all[…]

Frederick Sanger and his legacy for the next generation

Few people will ever help change the world as much as Frederick Sanger. Is Frederick Sanger the father of personalised medicine?

The analytics of success: how to find a new drug

How hard is it to come up with a new drug? Why is a new one of these so hard to find these days?

A league of its own: uncertainty and the Pisa storm

Interpreting real life data can be a tricky and controversial business. It’s hard to explain this clearly, using an abstract example. Thankfully we don’t have to - just take a look at the news headlines. The political storms raging around the[…]

Standing up for stats

Poor old statistics.  It gets a really bad press.  You’ve probably heard this one:-

Fact or fantasy - what are you really measuring?

What did you do last Wednesday?  It’s a simple question, but could you remember accurately the details?  After all, half of test subjects failed to spot a six foot gorilla waving at them from the front of the TV.*

Analytics - are you shuffling or striding?

“I’m always up for the happenstance event!”

Leadership, decisions and analytics in a VUCA world

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) started life as an acronym in the post-Cold-War world of the US Army. It is now an accurate label capturing the current global business environment. In the commercial world it is becoming[…]

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