The pitfalls of failing to map your business needs to your R&D app portfolio

In a recent blog, I looked at how important it is, when assessing the usefulness and validity of your R&D application portfolio, to make sure you look at how well it maps to overall strategic business objectives – and don’t just consider the cost,[…]

Auditing your R&D applications? Before you decide what to keep or what to kill, you need to consider overall business objectives first

Often our first point of entry with a scientific research organization is when we are asked to come in and do an application audit.

Seeing the light - the 1500 year journey from Ptolemy to Fermat and its link to modern analytics

It should come as little surprise that the question “what is light?” has been returned to time and again in the development of human thought. As a means to judge how scientific understanding has evolved, it’s as good a yardstick as I can think of.[…]

Misbehaving – what can behavioural economics tell us about the slow uptake of adaptive trials?

I had a profound insight the other day into (possibly) the true nature of the problem of the slow adoption of adaptive trials. Listening to one of my favourite podcasts – “Peter Day’s World of Business” – I heard him interview Richard Thaler, one of[…]

The power of simplicity driving the self-service analytics market taps into a universal need

The woman who walked into the Outdoor Pursuits shop was middle aged, well dressed, respectable. I didn’t expect her to launch into a loud tirade directed at the poor sales assistant at the counter. He didn’t know what had hit him, but his calmness[…]

Hannah’s sweets make me question the limits of self-service analytics

It didn’t take long after the end of the math exam for UK Twitter to resound with a storm of teenage outrage and frustration†. The source of it all was one poor maligned Hannah and her bag of sweets. As I followed the media’s fascination with the[…]

Tackling platform conformity in Oil & Gas – how to make sure you retain and exploit your IP

In our last post we discussed why standardized software platforms that support Exploration and Production in the Oil & Gas industry are in danger of reducing firms’ ability to retain their competitive advantage.

Oil & gas firms need consistency to tackle the Great Crew Change – but does that mean they’re going to lose competitive advantage?

We hear a lot about the Great Crew Change and the need to maintain consistency and retain knowledge in Oil & Gas. No one who works in the industry will need any further introduction. It’s the big issue of the day, and it’s not going to go away.[…]

Make your new Smart Lab really deliver: The Bigger Picture

If you have been following my Smart Lab blogs, you’ll have seen a range of topics discussed, the common theme being the risk of shiny new IT systems not fitting in with the people and processes in the lab.  In this last blog drawn from Tessella’s[…]

Make your new Smart Lab really deliver: Externalization

In my last blog, I mentioned that our customers are cutting R&D costs by outsourcing more and more routine lab work to contract research organizations (CROs).  This is nothing new - it‘s been going on for years, but the trend seems to be[…]

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