Small and agile or large and powerful: size matters

Recent hype surrounding data science, and in particular artificial intelligence (AI), has led to an increasing number of businesses looking to adopt the technology to improve processes and gain greater cost efficiency. In fact, Accenture Research[…]

Is finance learning fast enough from other sectors?

One place you could judge the answer to this might be the MATLAB EXPO, a gathering to discuss the use of MATLAB software across a wide range of industries. At a recent EXPO, I listened to the head of strategic analytics for a leading global bank[…]

Knowledge in a world of uncertainty

Our world is full of uncertain information on which we must base decisions: what is the condition of equipment I cannot inspect directly, and should I replace it? What are the intentions of a neighbouring country, given their declarations and the[…]

Explainability: machine learning and human guidance

Lurking in the shadows of the big data revolution, roams a contentious claim that stubbornly refuses to lie down. Put simply, it says that feeding machine learning algorithms with the right data means that scientific models (or any other type for[…]


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