Tessella's Innovative Driver Performance Solution Recognised by Transport Industry



    4 July 2012 - Tessella, the international provider of science powered technology and consulting services is proud to announce that it has received recognition in the Transport Industry.

    Tessella's track record for introducing innovative solutions into the Transport Industry was further enhanced when their new driver competency management system was highly commended at the prestigious Modern Railways 2012 Innovations Awards. Built in close collaboration with long term valued client Southern, the system dubbed CHURROS is the natural evolution of the award winning TAPAS rolling stock condition and performance improvement software. CHURROS uses on-train black-box data to build detailed profiles of driver behaviour, allowing long term adverse trends to be spotted early and acted upon. Assessors build a comprehensive, balanced picture out of a wide range of assessments covering, amongst others, appropriate speed selection, accuracy of platform stops, and smooth and energy efficient technique.

    Replacing the existing cumbersome and time consuming manual analysis of information snapshots downloaded from the data recorders, the assessors can now simply access online an automatically updated continuous picture for each driver. CHURROS' performance visualisation and feedback deliver a step change in the effectiveness of Southern's driver performance assessments and professional standards improvement programme. The high levels of automation offer significant opportunity to reduce cost at the same time as improving performance. Valuable management time is now spent more productively, working in partnership with drivers to exploit the insights unearthed from CHURROS, rather than manually collecting and interpreting low level data.

    Nick Clarke, Head of Analytics at Tessella, said: "I am delighted that CHURROS has been recognised by these awards, and that the momentum for innovation first generated with the introduction of TAPAS is gathering pace. In the current difficult environment, when the scope for investment is limited, we have to look more than ever for ways to be smarter and find ways to do more for less. That is exactly what we managed to do with CHURROS, re-using the heart of TAPAS for a completely new purpose. As a regular passenger myself, I want to see train operators working to improve their services wherever possible, and Southern should be congratulated for this latest investment in their drivers."