Tessella Launches Data Science Partnership for Oil and Gas Organizatitions

    Partnership approach provides top analytics talent on tap

    1st April 2014- Tessella, an international analytics, software services and consulting company, announced the launch of Tessella Data Science Partnership for Oil and Gas companies.

    Tessella Data Science Partnership provides organizations with specialist analytics consulting via a flexible service model. It is designed to allow us to work closely with organizations that are conducting challenging research projects or need to provide new insight to support a constant stream of key decisions. Each ‘sub-project’ may be relatively short but there are many of them, requiring a wide variety of skills, to address needs that tend to emerge at short notice.

    Mark Claxton, Director of Tessella’s energy sector, said: “As sensor deployments proliferate, and Digital Oilfield technologies continue to mature, operators are increasingly looking at competitive new ways to make best use of their data assets, from the raw seismic data through to the derived output from reservoir simulations. From our direct experience of delivering advanced analytics initiatives and projects in this space, we understand the benefits that a partnership model brings to engineering and science based analytics.”

    Nick Clarke, Head of Analytics at Tessella, added: “We understand that when delivering analytics in science and engineering domains, you need to provide answers to questions quickly. The Tessella Data Science Partnership is designed to bring together the right people with the right skills to deliver quick solutions and keep your research momentum going. The right mix usually involves both Tessella and client expertise, but changes in nature for each quick win. When we talk of partnership, we mean Tessella and the client planning together to build the teams to meet the next challenges on the horizon.”

    Our partnership model combines the traditional outsourcing benefits of access to a specialised skill base and agility in responding to variable demand with the additional benefits of keeping knowledge within the organization and removing project start up overheads.