Tessella celebrates new office facelift

10th September 2018 – Tessella, Altran World Class Centre Analytics, today celebrated the opening of their newly refurbished offices with Cllr Margaret Crick, Mayor of Abingdon marking the official opening.

The Tessella Abingdon office was recently refurbished to create additional space and a more modern look and feel.

Mark Kirwan, CEO at Tessella said: “The refurbishment has been a great success, further cementing Tessella as one of the UK’s top companies to work for and, as world leaders in analytics and data science, enabling the company to bring exceptional value to our clients worldwide.”

Improvements include social and break out areas to boost interactivity, creativity, and innovation among employees and new facilities like showers, encouraging employees to cycle to work and thereby reducing environmental impact.

Tessella continues to play an important role in the local economy by being one of the major recruiters in the area. It is close to several major scientific research and academic establishments such as Oxford University, UKAEA, (including Joint European Torus (JET) fusion research), Harwell Laboratory, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the new Diamond Light Source synchrotron, the largest UK-funded scientific facility to be built for over 40 years.



Cllr Margaret Crick, Mayor of Abingdon marking the official opening


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