Prestigious journal praises open-source data and analytics toolkit for climate scientists

Tessella part of project recognised by the European Geophysics Union (EGU) journal

29th November, 2016 - EGU journal, Geoscientific Model Development has recognised a toolkit which enables the climate science community to reliably and consistently make comparisons between data from a range of sources and a variety of formats.

Developed over three years, the open-source Community Intercomparison Suite (CIS) enables earth observation and modelled earth-system data recorded in a range of gridded and un-gridded formats to be directly aggregated, subsetted and co-located, with results stored in the community standard netCDF-CF format. It also provides statistical analysis and visualisation. The project drew on the skills of business, research and academic organisations, including Tessella, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Department of Physics at Oxford University.

David Michel, Software Development Consultant at Tessella who worked on the project explained: “It was key to the project to ensure this software can read any kind of earth observation data from satellites, ships and aircraft, ground stations, and a range of predictive models; and combine them so they can be reliably and consistently analysed to derive useful insights. The format of data from each individual source is always very different so to have a tool which is able to take the data from all these different sources and enable a way for climate scientists to rigorously compare them has been incredibly useful for the community.”

David added, “The platform was developed so that it can be extended easily as new data sources become available, it allows climate scientists to write their own plug-ins. At Tessella we always strive to create systems that produce actionable insights designed with specific users in mind. In the case of this project, we, alongside our collaborators, wanted to design a tool that will be useful for climate scientists for years to come, and the fact that it has been discussed in this respected journal is a promising indication that it’s helped the community.”

View the white paper here.

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