Data-Driven Drug Discovery: Lessons from R&D Leaders

    From Proof of Concepts to Impact at Scale

    Date: 23 March
    Time: 3PM GMT/4PM CET/11AM EDT

    Presented by:
    Simon Thornber, GSK,
    Unmesh Lal, Frost & Sullivan
    Dr James Hinchliffe, Capgemini (Tessella)

    Emily Tower, Capgemini
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    The promise of developing innovative and lucrative therapeutics and diagnostics in shortened timeframes is accelerating the adoption of data-driven R&D.

    However, many organizations are finding it difficult to evolve their established R&D processes and teams to exploit “Data and AI solutions at scale” to improve R&D effectiveness.

    During this LIVE webinar, an expert panel of drug discovery leaders from the industry together with Capgemini specialists share their insights on building and leading a high-performance data-driven drug discovery organization.

    The panel will discuss a range of questions including:

    • What are the key trends driving Pharma R&D towards digital transformation?
    • What does a roadmap towards data-driven discovery look like, and how can you avoid or overcome the common pitfalls?
    • How should you set up your organization to ensure data science projects deliver value?
    • How to structure and manage your discovery data to enable robust, data-driven models to be developed at speed and scale?
    • How to measure value and benefits?
    • What does a successful data-driven discovery project look like?
    • How can you assess whether a project will deliver value before you commit?
    • How to scale a promising pilot AI project out into a production environment?

    If you are a researcher, data scientist, technologist or other decision maker looking to deliver value to your drug discovery organization then join us on the 23rd March for an insightful LIVE discussion and Q&A with our panelists from GSK, Frost & Sullivan and Capgemini.

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