Altran Launches Dedicated Analytics and AI Capabilities in Italy

    Tessella, Altran World Class Center for Analytics, opens Milan, Turin and Rome offices

    13 November 2018 - Altran, the global leader in engineering and R&D services (ER&D), has established dedicated analytics and AI teams in its Milan, Turin and Rome offices to respond to growing client demand for data science talent. The Italian teams will operate as part of Tessella, Altran World Class Center Analytics, joining an established international group of 300+ analytics experts.

    Riccardo Dolfi, Chief Operating Officer, Altran Italy, said: “Delivering high value clients services is a key part of Altran’s ‘The High Road 2022’ strategy. Analytics and AI offer our clients extraordinary opportunities to develop new disruptive digital services and become digital businesses. The opening of a dedicated Italian World Class Center, under the leadership of Fabio Fusco, means that our clients have both dedicated local resources as well as access to Tessella’s global talent pool.”

    Over the last forty years, Tessella has partnered with some of the world’s leading organizations to meet their most ambitious goals. This work has a real impact: saving lives by reducing the time to predict the spread of infectious diseases from 3 years to 3 weeks, enabling manufacturers to overcome complex interconnected sources of product variability when commissioning new manufacturing processes, helping ship operators reduce their overall ownership costs, reduce CO2 emissions and maximize fuel efficiency.