JUMP Launch Big Data and AI Powered Video Recommendation Service

    29th March 2018 - JUMP and Altran announced today the commercial release of JUMP Deep Recommender™, a recommendation tool for movies, series, TV channels and live events based on image recognition and natural language processing. It uses just in-content data to make compelling video recommendations and improve audience engagement.

    Deep Recommender™ is part of the JUMP Data-Driven video product suite - a business analytics solution for video service providers. The product suite delivers valuable insights about audiences and content performance, predicts churn to retain users, identifies clusters that video users belong to, and personalizes the video experience through data.

    “We truly believe that cutting-edge technologies like deep learning that enable the identification of objects and dialogues contained within the content catalogue will drive recommendations, transforming video services personalization, taking it to the next level,” says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and cofounder of JUMP. “We are committed to leveraging AI technologies to help our customers with the specific challenges and opportunities faced by premium video services in this new phase of the industry”.

    “Tessella - Altran World Class Center Analytics - is excited to be part of JUMP’s ambitious vision to use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to maximize ROI and optimize business decisions. The Deep RecommenderTM system uses some of the most advanced AI techniques currently available including deep learning and semantic segmentation. Building professional-grade AI systems, like Deep RecommenderTM, demands a disciplined approach to AI engineering, a clear understanding of AI toolkits achieved via hard-won experience, and well defined AI project methodologies, such as Tessella’s RAPIDE framework”, explains Keith Williams, Chief Technology Officer of the Altran Group.