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    COVID-19 Series

    How to use data and modelling to deliver effective responses rapidly

    COVID-19 is having an unprecedented effect on global health, the economy, and industry. To combat the pandemic, life sciences organizations have mobilized task forces designed to make critical decisions in the fighting of the disease. These decisions include which research avenues to pursue, how to manage public health, and how to plan manufacturing capabilities.

    Data is crucial to building models that result in valid, explainable, and trustworthy applications. However, there’s a problem – with the world undergoing such a sudden and unforeseen change, the data previously captured no longer represents the world as it currently is. 

    To fight COVID-19, decisions must be taken quickly, but the limited data is an issue.

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    The current data situation

    Due to COVID-19 being a new virus, the data being collected is unpredictable and of unknown quality. Data experts are being inundated with data that needs deciphering and it's draining time and resources away from high-value tasks that need focusing on.

    To compound this, the world’s smartest health professionals are having to engage in fresh data engineering to rebuild and validate models that are no longer useful.

    In periods of uncertainty like this, models and tools need to be created at speed while remaining robust and trusted under scrutiny.

    Overcoming key data challenges

    As data experts with 40 years of expertise behind us, we’ve created this whitepaper to provide solutions to four of the biggest data hurdles facing COVID-19 task forces today. Rather than bombarding the world’s smartest virologists, epidemiologists, and other domain experts with data to transform, give that data to those with experience. This frees up domain experts to focus on their crucial tasks.

    This whitepaper looks at four of the most critical data challenges affecting companies delivering rapid results to COVID-19.

    The four key challenges explored in the whitepaper:

    • Immediately accessing the right data
    • The right type of intelligence
    • How to ensure your answers are trusted
    • Deploying robust models at scale

    Download the whitepaper

    Learn how to give your task forces the help they need to cut through the noise of useless, overbearing data and focus on their high-value tasks. Download our whitepaper today.

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