New Primer: How to Build Trusted AI




    For an AI to be adopted by a wide audience, it needs to be trusted, transparent, and produce reliable results. However, building a trusted AI is easier said than done. Our latest guide highlights key AI design issues you need to consider to ensure your AI is as dependable and trustworthy as possible.

    Building trust in AI is everything

    With AI being implemented across sectors ranging from healthcare to consumer tech, it’s never been more crucial to build AI with trust at the forefront of your mind. Our new guide will help you by exploring:

    • Why trust and transparency are particularly important for AI
    • Examples of good and bad AI
    • How trusted your AI needs to be
    • How trust in AI can be undermined
    • The elements that need to be considered when building trusted AI

    Read the guide today for practical advice and knowledge on creating AI that users can trust.

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