Building Success: 15 Factors Essential for Tech Executives

    Matt Jones


    Digital Transformation

    The world of information technology is more than just computer and networking skills. As an executive at your organization in the IT space, you need to encompass a variety of skills and abilities in order to succeed.

    While being in touch with technology developments is part of those traits, it's only part. Executives need strong team management skills, as well as being willing to invest in staff — and then be willing to trust the people they hire. They need to be brave enough to adopt new tech, rather than play wait and see, but wise enough to know what technologies will actually help their company grow, and which are simply fancy toys.

    Below, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share their views on the most important things that technology executives need in order to equip themselves with in order to find success. Here is what they recommend:

    1. Improve Management Skills

    Time and again, engineering management is the core skill technology executives need and do not have. The truly remarkable ones we all know are amazing technologists themselves, but are also amazing at managing their teams. Managing highly intelligent people is not easy and should be made to look so. - Michael Hurwitz, Cumulus Energy Storage

    2. Align Values, People And Vision

    Oftentimes, we find ourselves working only on the technical part of what we are trying to accomplish. This translates to processes. We should in fact be aligning values and people to the vision. - Ashok Gopala, Cisco Systems


    Source: Forbes