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How Utilities Can Move to Insight-Driven Operations

How Utilities Can Become Data-Driven

Data can help us model demand for utilities and optimize asset management, helping utilities improve profitability and navigate the coming disruption.

By looking beyond correlations and digging into the detail of what complex data tells us, we can harness opportunities such as:

  • Granular demand-modelling to inform demand management and upgrade strategies
  • Predicting local changes, such as sharp EV uptake, to inform targeted asset investments
  • Predictive maintenance of complex assets, including ageing and underground assets which are hard to gather reliable data from
  • Modelling optimal deployment of new storage and generation technologies
  • Managing hard-to-predict events, such as floods, to improve response times and minimise disruption

Our Utilities whitepaper explains these opportunities, the challenges of working with data, and how to overcome them.


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