Energy + Utilities Digitalization

    Create Business Value Through the Better Use of Data Assets

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    Operations + Asset Optimization

    The pressure to maximize business value from capital intensive equipment and operations has never been greater. Participants across the energy eco-system are combining cyber-physical systems with data science & AI to improve operational efficiency and drive asset performance. Whether you are working in drilling operations, refining, energy generation or distribution, we make planning and delivering your data journey easier and smoother.


    Renewables Smart Grids

    Delivering the innovation needed to monitor supply, storage, and demand in real-time making power cheaper, more reliable and renewables ready has never been more critical. Our work focusses on operationalizing trusted AIs to drive the wireless communications and the Internet of Things that underpin the dynamic distribution management of smart grids.

    Safety + Risk

    Nothing must be left to chance when planning and executing operations in the energy industry. AI and data science are powerful tools to improve safety and reducing risk through better design, operations, and analysis. Our experience is broad and includes damage assessment, root cause analysis, quantitative risk assessment, and intelligent document and knowledge management.