The Role of Predictive Analytics in Asset Optimization for the Oil and Gas Industry

This White Paper describes the business challenges facing the oil and gas industry relative to asset optimization. It also describes the current state of predictive analytics for asset management and provides an example of its use in the rail[…]

Overcoming psychological barriers to good discovery decisions

Better individual and team decision-making should enhance R&D performance. Reproducible biases affecting human decision making, known as cognitive biases, are well understood by psychologists. These threaten objectivity and balance and so are[…]

Surfing the Rich Data Deluge

It’s hardly a secret that today’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies are drowning under a deluge of digital images and other types of rich data. From NextGen DNA sequencing to high content screening (HCS) to in vivo whole animal imaging, these[…]

The Case for Digital Archiving in Life Sciences

Even as the Era of “Big Data” engulfs life sciences and researchers rush to wring immediate value from the electronic data deluge, the long-term archiving of this valuable asset is unfortunately, widely neglected. Few industries face a more daunting[…]

Delivering the Next Generation of IT Platforms for Subsurface Engineering

To stay competitive, the geophysical and reservoir modelling sector of Upstream constantly needs to innovate so as to incorporate smarter and faster methods for reservoir evaluation and production planning.

Coherent IT Strategy for Fast-Moving R&D

What is your company’s IT Strategy for R&D and how effectively is that strategy helping drive your company’s success? There are nearly as many answers to those questions as there are companies in the biopharmaceutical industry.

ISO 9001 : 2015 - Quality Management System

  Tessella is certified to the Quality Management standard ISO 9001 : 2015.

Combining Biological Knowledge with Experimental Data

Target discovery is now the single most critical decision in drug discovery. Find a novel, valid target for an indication with significant unmet medical need, and the rest of the pharma R&D process can be relatively straightforward. Gene expression[…]

Using SharePoint to manage and disseminate fusion project information: An ITER case study

The ITER Organization, in common with many other fusion laboratories, has an authenticated-access website devoted to the communication of information to all its staff and remote collaborators. In 2007 and 2008, the number of registered users of this[…]

Long term preservation of scientific data: Lessons from JET and other domains

All fusion devices generate large amounts of data, which must remain accessible throughout and beyond the life time of the device.This need for long-term data preservation creates major software and hardware challenges. Issues surrounding long-term[…]

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