RAPIDE: A Professional Governance Framework for Data Science

Tessella’s professional framework for AI and data science projects, RAPIDE, is many years in the making and is built on experience of delivering AI for the world’s largest companies. It is mature, robust and provides a firm reference for others. Our[…]

Maximizing Value from Artificial Intelligence - The Digital Transformers’ Guide

EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW This executive guide sets out practical steps aimed at all digital transformers who plan to use AI to achieve a stronger digital future. The guidelines are distilled from the most successful AI practices of the digital natives and[…]

Five Rules to Deliver Value from Data Analytics - An Executive’s Guide

Data and data analytics have generated a lot of hype. Hype brings the danger that people jump on the bandwagon without proper planning. The result is failed projects, wasted money and missed opportunities. In September 2015, Gartner stated that big[…]

The Five Factors of Smart Laboratory Success

Research organizations are under pressure to cut costs while maintaining or increasing throughput. To improve their operations, many laboratories are considering investments in data management or support and automation systems like ELNs, LIMS or[…]

Software for Big Science: The Insider's Guide

Better software delivers better science Unleashing the power of scientific data

ELSEVIER: Mantid—Data analysis and visualization package for neutronscattering and μ SR experiments

The Mantid framework is a software solution developed for the analysis and visualization of neutron scattering and muon spin measurements. The framework is jointly developed by software engineers and scientists at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility[…]

Building an IT Roadmap for Geological and Geophysical Data

Geological and geophysical (G&G) data and seismic data in particular are at the heart of all exploration activities from new ventures to extending the life of a field. Seismic activities allow oil and gas companies to develop a clear understanding[…]

Surfing the Rich Data Deluge

It’s hardly a secret that today’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies are drowning under a deluge of digital images and other types of rich data. From NextGen DNA sequencing to high content screening (HCS) to in vivo whole animal imaging, these[…]

Delivering the Next Generation of IT Platforms for Subsurface Engineering

To stay competitive, the geophysical and reservoir modelling sector of Upstream constantly needs to innovate so as to incorporate smarter and faster methods for reservoir evaluation and production planning.

Coherent IT Strategy for Fast-Moving R&D

What is your company’s IT Strategy for R&D and how effectively is that strategy helping drive your company’s success? There are nearly as many answers to those questions as there are companies in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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