White Paper

COVID-19: Effective Use of Data and Modelling to Deliver Rapid Responses

Life sciences organizations have assembled COVID-19 task forces. These are responsible for critical decisions such as which research avenues to pursue, how to plan manufacturing capabilities, patient treatment, and managing public health.

They’re doing so with limited data, and having to rebuild models to describe the new reality before them, at unprecedented speed.

Our new whitepaper draws on our 40 years’ experience of modelling complex situations with limited data across the life sciences value chain, to help COVID-19 response teams build reliable models. It aims to help you quickly develop models that work first time, leaving your subject matter experts to focus on solving the world’s most urgent problem.

The whitepaper addresses four data challenges COVID-19 task forces need to overcome:

  1. Immediately accessing the right data
  2. Choosing the right models for the right type of intelligence
  3. Ensuring your answers are trusted
  4. Deploying robust models at scale

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