Your experts' capability is your most valuable resource - Maximize it

    COVID-19 presents an immediate and unprecedented challenge to our health, our economy, and industries like nothing that has come before.

    We work with life science and healthcare organizations to deliver data science and AI, at a scale that unlocks the collective intelligence needed to successfully fight COVID-19 and be fully prepared for the post-crisis future. 

    Key data challenges COVID-19 task forces need to overcome

    Will your answers be trusted?

    Is your AI validated, explainable, and trustworthy?

    Does your C19 application honor government privacy and data protection requirements?

    Do you have immediate access to the right data?

    How to ensure the right data is generated, prepared, controlled, and accessible? All at the speed of now!

    The right type of intelligence!

    What are the most effective tools and techniques that are truly capable of giving you the right answers that you need?

    Robust, rapid, and at scale!

    Can you rapidly deliver your applications to patients and organizations? Are they robust and resilient enough to withstand real-world use?

    Free your teams to focus on their high-value tasks

    Tessella experts bring their full suite of AI and data skills to solve the data and modeling challenges.

    By partnering with your internal experts we ensure the quality of input data is suitable. Then build custom models using the most effective tools and techniques and scale into completed software solutions.


    Data Scientist Researching COVID-19