Digital technology to transform oil, gas hiring practices

The oil and gas industry’s effort to adopt digital technology not only will impact its daily operations, but its hiring needs as well.

Transformational analytics projects need experienced crews

Computer Weekly guest blog post by Nick Clarke, Head of Analytics, Tessella Many successful companies, large and small, are running data analytics projects and initiatives. These projects can and do deliver huge impacts to the bottom line. But they[…]

What is artificial general intelligence? And does Kimera Systems' 'Nigel' qualify?

The creation of artificial general intelligence would be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field of AI for years. Has it already happened or are the claims of Kimera Systems just hot air? By Charlotte Jee The field of artificial intelligence[…]

Collaboration for innovation: the IT behind R&D

Many of the world’s largest companies have R&D departments which spend fortunes developing new and improved products. Pharmaceuticals is perhaps the highest value of such industries, but similar work goes on in consumer products (shampoos, washing[…]

Akzo bets on a color app that will paint your living room

Akzo Nobel NV, Europe’s largest paint maker, plans to boost revenue during the busiest season for home renovations with a smartphone app that helps decorators choose the perfect color for their houses. Shoppers can use the Dutch company’s Visualizer[…]

High energy challenges

Tessella’s David Michel speaks to PEN about the software challenges involved in creating a novel high energy, high repetition laser.   Read full article here

High-powered laser for scientists

STFC’s Central Laser Facility develops £10 million laser system Data analytics expert Tessella has helped the UK’s Central Laser Facility (CLF), part of The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), in its development of an advanced[…]

Here’s what UK developers need to know about machine learning

Here’s what you need to know about machine learning languages, tools and frameworks. Thanks to its role underpinning many of the recent advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning has become of mainstream interest to many technologists and[…]

How will open source AI change the tech industry?

Big tech players’ AI APIs will have a huge effect on IT By Jamie Carter, Techradar

Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft launch open artificial intelligence API: How open access to artificial intelligence changes everything

Using these toolkits anyone will be able to use AI or machine learning platforms – which are as sophisticated as anything currently on the market, offering the potential to unleash vast innovation. By Matt Jones, analytics consultant at Tessella

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