Government data skills programmes are good news, but they will not deliver the full potential of data to transform the public sector

The British government recently announced an expansion of its Data Science Accelerator programme, aimed at training civil servants’ in data science skills.

Data Projects: More Than Just Marketing

Organisations are collecting more and more data, and locked within lies untold business value. So say the endless stream of data gurus that have appeared in the last few years just as data has hit the headlines. Most data stories focus on a handful[…]

Start harnessing data projects successfully for business value in 2017

Data projects have huge business value potential, which we will continue to see in the short, mid and longer term, but how can they be used to derive this value properly?

Data analytics and the materials cycle

Data has the potential to revolutionise the materials industry, from extraction to processing to commercialisation.  But it can only do so with the right mix of technology, skills and strategy. Dr Matt Jones explains in Materials World Magazine.  

Why couldn't tech predict the US election results?

Big data isn't nearly big enough They got it wrong – again. Despite most opinion polls and forecasts stating that Hilary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the US presidential election, the reverse happened. Of course, you could argue that the[…]

Analytics is not just about patterns in big data

For most people, the term ‘data analytics’ conjures up images of Amazon, Facebook and Google: digitally born companies that gather huge data sets in order to better target products, adverts or services across a huge customer base. This is a guest[…]

Open data aims to boost food security prospects

Rothamsted Research, a leading agricultural research institution, is attempting to make data from long-term experiments available to all. In partnership with a data consultancy, is it developing a method to make complex results accessible and[…]

Trump victory: Slap in the face for big data or desperate cry for more?

Stats are the lifeblood of everything, we’re told. Analytics are the new creed, we’re all meant to believe in (and even semi-worship). But overwhelming evidence shows they’re not always that trustworthy. And the fundamental kicker might have come[…]

Should forecasters turn to Artificial Intelligence to predict the US election?

The polling industry called the EU referendum wrong and was out in the last UK election. Eyes are on the upcoming US election to see if anyone will call it right. Many, political experts included, are quick to tell us that this election is[…]

AI predicts outcome of human rights cases

An artificial intelligence system has correctly predicted the outcomes of hundreds of cases heard at the European Court of Human Rights, researchers have claimed. The AI predicted the verdicts to an accuracy of 79%, according to the scientists[…]

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