Top 10 attributes of a true data leader

Data fuels innovation and business value in most businesses today, but what makes a data leader succeed? Information Age profiles the top 10 attributes Transcending traditional organisational barriers Data is no longer confined to technical[…]

Detecting corrosion through data

Matt Jones and Jim Sokolowski, of Tessella, show how data analytics can give insight into corrosion rates to reduce risk and maintenance costs. Corrosion is a fact of life in offshore environments, and offshore production costs are significantly[…]

Making oil, gas data analytics projects deliver

By Matt Jones & Ray Hall, Tessella

Guiding principles for data driven organizations

Big data has received no shortage of hype in the past few years, but successful implementations are relatively thin on the ground. This post will aim to provide you with a few tips to help you get started, and ensure you set off in the right[…]

Beware the AI black box

A guest blog by Matt Jones, Analytics Strategist at Tessella

How to manage data analytics programmes and teams

Data analytics technology won’t deliver business value by itself – it needs to be deployed, and its users organised to deliver value Although data analytics technology has been around in one shape or form for years, it seems that organisations are[…]

AI and automation will take jobs – but how and where?

How offices, banks and call centres will be changed by chatbots and AI Every week there's a story in a tabloid newspaper that contains the phrase 'rise of the robots'. Journalists trot out shock headlines like 'robot job invasion' and 'robots will[…]

Best data science tools: Data science platforms for modelling and deploying machine learning and predictive algorithms

Some of the best data science platforms available for modelling and deploying machine learning and advanced analyticsPlatforms which allow data scientists to build and deploy algorithms are increasingly important as businesses look to operationalise[…]

AI is about business opportunity, not killing all humans

Reading recent media coverage, one would be forgiven for thinking those working in Artificial Intelligence are racing to create sentient robot overlords, with little regard for whether they may overthrow us and steal our jobs.

Where AI and Robotics are headed in 2017

Artificial Intelligence showed some dramatic leaps in 2016, with robotics and autonomous devices gaining ground and popularity like never before. We’ve gone from the Roomba automated vacuum cleaner to self-driving cars in just a few years.

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