What is business innovation?

Matt Jones,  Lead Analytics Strategist at Tessella comments in Raconteur on the common pitfalls to look out for during digital transformation projects:

Why companies will need to create an AI culture to achieve success

Amidst the great debate over whether artificial intelligence (AI) will steal human jobs, there has been little discussion of how it will transform corporate cultures in new and unprecedented ways. In the era of automation, the most successful[…]

Why focusing on AI tech may be your biggest business mistake

In the race to seize the competitive advantage that artificial intelligence (AI) can offer, many businesses have focused on the decades-old assumption that as long as the technology is good, they’ll undoubtedly be successful. While technology is[…]

Ask the Expert: How can businesses create value with AI?

While news about AI projects and applications is dominated by digital giants like Google, AI has huge potential for pre-digital businesses. These businesses often own data sets collected over decades from their R&D and industrial processes and[…]

Are you leaving your AI future to the amateurs?

Let’s start with a hypothetical example. A large airline wants to predict when plane engines need servicing. This will save it a fortune, avoiding costly downtime from taking working planes out of service for scheduled maintenance while spotting[…]

How to gain a competitive advantage with your research and development data

Those monitoring economic megatrends would do well to look at research and development (R&D). We live in an age of unprecedented innovation. Many of the world’s biggest companies and most ubiquitous technologies were unimaginable a decade or two[…]

Predictive maintenance: What is the opportunity in rail?

Future-gazers in rail imagine a digital world in which the behaviour of every train component and subassembly is captured and recorded. Simon Stoddart, Consultant, Tessella, Altran World Class Center Analytics, discusses how this data version of the[…]

Top 11 steps non-digital companies can take to drive growth through AI

Non-digital companies often fall into the trap of copying tech giants to stay ahead. But when it comes to the adoption of AI, developing your own strategy could be far more beneficial to your business By Matt Jones, By Matt Jones, Lead Analytics[…]

How can we trust AI to make life-and-death decisions when it keeps doing stupid things?

AI promises to run critical aspects of our lives, from diagnosing disease to deciding when a plane needs repairing. Yet we constantly hear stories about AI making mistakes that would be absurd for humans to make, such as the Amazon AI program that[…]

Seven mistakes that can trip up your business transformation project

Failure is all too frequent in grand transformation projects. But why? Seven experts offer their suggestions for overlooked causes of catastrophe Error: Fixating on distant goals

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