Digital Energy Journal: Tessella – Software for Asset Condition Monitoring

R&D IT consultancy Tessella has developed a software solution to enable oil and gas companies set up and deliver their own asset condition monitoring – and to optimise the use of this equipment by operators.

Computer Weekly: Companies must plan for digital preservation, says British Library

Companies need to come up with digital preservation policies to deal with ever-growing volumes of digital data. A consortium including IBM, Microsoft and Tessella Technology and Consulting has looked at the way 200 organisations are maintaining[…]

New Scientist: Personalised cancer trial promises better drugs faster

Major changes to the way cancer drugs are tested in people could lead to better and cheaper therapies coming to the market more quickly. A breast cancer trial called I-SPY 2 TRIAL (Investigation of Serial Studies to Predict Your Therapeutic Response[…]

New Scientist: Motion sensors could track troops when GPS cuts out

KNOWING where troops are during combat operations can be a matter of life and death - but GPS technology used to track troops is fragile, the signal easily lost. Now a UK company is developing a lightweight, wearable tracker that can provide[…]

Bio-IT World: A life sciences strategy

John Russell

Scientific Computing World: Asking the big questions

Stephen Mounsey finds out about the computing power behind some of the world's most ambitious scientific projects Finding sufficient and sustainable sources of energy is one of the most pressing issues facing modern society. The global need to[…]

eCliniqua: Wyeth’s best practices winner boosts adaptive clinical trials

By Deb Borfitz

Bio-IT World: Perfect Ten: Bio-IT World announces winners of 2009 best practices awards

April 29, 2009 | BOSTON – Bio-IT World announced the winners of its fifth annual Best Practices Awards program at a gala dinner last night at the World Trade Center in Boston, site of the 2009 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo.

Nuclear Engineering International: UK Lists Exposures Online

Increased use of external contractors reinforces the need for stand-alone dosimetry recordkeeping service.

Agile IT strategy in pharmaceutical R&D

Agile IT Strategy in Pharmaceutical R&D Clearly communicated aims should be the goal. By Andrew Chadwick

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