Data can help drive UK rail revolution

Written for The Engineer by Simon Stoddart, Consultant at Tessella

Taking AI into the enterprise: Overcoming two major roadblocks

Written for Forbes by Matt Jones, Lead Analytics Strategist at Tessella and member of Forbes Technology Council

Why innovative businesses see their business strategy and data strategy as the same thing

Written for Forbes by James Sokolowski, Director of Analytics Solutions and Operations Manager in Houston and member of Forbes Technology Council

Artificial Ignorance - To Err Is Human

In March 2018, some argue, artificial intelligence killed someone for the first time. A self-driving car, which uses machine learning (a type of AI), took too long to conclude that the data from its sensors indicated a pedestrian. The result was a[…]

Tessella – Putting the ‘data’ in data analytics

Oil and gas companies are excited about the potential of data analytics. However, they struggle to move from a promising idea to something useable in everyday operations. The problem, says Dr. Warrick Cooke, consultant with data science company[…]

Want to get smart with data? Get out of the echo chamber

As the Director of Analytics Solutions and Operations Manager in Houston, James Sokolowski advises on effective analytics strategies at Tessella It is no secret that many industries are looking to developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the[…]

How do we address the reproducibility crisis in artificial intelligence?

Market incentives can also impede reproducibility. AI labs are often encouraged by parent companies to get newsworthy results by any means and make them difficult to copy. This encourages researchers to prioritize research outputs over methods and[…]

How do we avoid the threat of supercharged artificial stupidity?

Matt Jones, lead analytics strategist at Tessella latest article in Forbes describes what is key to ensuring the quantum AI revolution delivers on its social and economic promise... Read the full article.

How Is Machine Learning Accelerating Drug Development?

The discovery of a new drug is always surrounded with excitement from the academic community and the general public alike, especially when it provides a solution or cure for a condition. Whether it's a step in the right direction to curing cancer or[…]

‘Emotional IQ’: The next buzzword in business

Artificial Intelligence is speeding up logical and analytical tasks, shifting through datasets, identifying new patterns and helping to inform decision making. However, great business decisions are made with a significantly broader context than a[…]

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