Introducing the CORTEX Program

    Exploring how AI can be used to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges requires a genuine passion.


    At Tessella we empower those with a vision for the future with support and mentoring, allowing them to develop all-new capabilities in AI – And it all takes place in Cortex.

    Enabling AI Development with CORTEX


    Cortex is a team dedicated to the acceleration of AI capabilities, and gives individuals a chance to expand their knowledge base and improve their skills in the field.


    At Tessella we give innovative minds a platform to help transform businesses and the future. We deliver enterprise value and impact using AI and data science, with a culture that aligns to this goal.


    AI is all about the big picture. Every member of the Cortex team shares a passion for current AI affairs, and develop a deep specialism in their chosen area.

    Committed to Research

    The Cortex approach is research orientated and candidates have a deep focus on a specific technical area, whether that’s algorithms, infrastructure or wider issues concerning the safe adoption of AI. But completing the project means a much higher likelihood of increasing AI capability.

    • Learning from a group or team helps deepen knowledge in a particular area, helping to craft that specialist knowledge that’s so vital to Tessella.
    • We’re proud to have cultivated a team of people genuinely interested in their research and that shines through in their projects.

    How Tessella Supports AI Innovation Projects

    Mentoring Support

    When given the adequate support necessary to complete a research project, we believe members of Cortex can achieve extraordinary things. To help cultivate your development, we ensure mentoring support from company experts is always on hand.

    Team Sessions

    Tessella runs regular seminars on the technical areas of AI, and the wider societal implications of the technology. Our program encourages everyone to share commonalities in their knowledge to help them discuss and contribute to all areas of AI.


    Get Involved with CORTEX

    Proposed ideas are reviewed by a panel of senior experts at Tessella. We might highlight a particular aspect of the proposal that is most relevant to the business.

    • If accepted, additional thoughts are included on the idea to help shape the proposal. Once completed, the individual begins their research.
    • If the idea isn’t quite right, the candidate is supported, and their ideas steered towards being appropriate for Cortex.
    • By being given the capacity to research deep into a project they care about, members of Cortex make a difference in the AI space.