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    Drive Brand Loyalty - Nutrition, Health + Sustainability

    Consumers are increasing their demands for products that will enhance their health and wellbeing while being safe for the environment. Foods suppliers are responding swiftly by reformulating existing brands as well as developing new, more nutritious products. Major manufacturers work with Tessella to re-evaluate R&D processes. Together we identify and apply AI and machine learning methods that increase the throughput of innovative, healthy and more responsible products to the market.


    Digitalization of Innovation + Operations

    To keep pace with the competition, organizations are having to work digitally, shortening cycle times from innovation to operations, without compromising on product safety. Regulatory pressures mean that organizations must be digitally enabled to respond to changing market rules. To outperform the competition, leading organizations use their data to drive innovation and unlock areas of research which would not have been possible using traditional methods. Tessella consultants work with you to navigate their digitalization journey and implement fully-supported digital solutions to their data needs

    Connecting with Consumers

    Traditional markets are eroding. There is a massive rise in online demand. Manufacturers can make direct connections with their end consumers. Organizations are working out what this all means for the consumer relationship - how will it impact consumer behaviour, how can products be personalized and how to promote brand loyalty. Manufacturers work with Tessella to make sense of their consumer data and streamline the connection to the end customer.