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    AkzoNobel worked with Tessella to develop a sales iPad app that delivers increased sales, a shorter sales cycle and vastly improved confidence for the entire sales team.


    Tessella’s approach was key to developing a tool that improved our way of working, and amazingly they managed to deliver the app using an agile approach to a fixed budget.

    Arthur Mosley
    Marketing Manager, AkzoNobel


    • Sales process needed to be innovative to inspire prospects.
    • Difficult to maintain a large range of sales collateral for a frequently changing core product range.
    • Needed to reduce the number of technical inquiries from the sales force.


    • The sales team trialing the app outperformed other AkzoNobel teams.
    • Shortened the length of the sales cycle.
    • Onboarding of new sales staff shortened significantly.
    • Reduced the number of internal support calls and on-site visits required.
    • Satisfaction and confidence of the sales team is at an all-time high.

    About AkzoNobel

    AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. They supply innovative products to industries and consumers worldwide, with customers ranging from global manufacturers of vehicles, furniture and domestic appliances through to general trade coaters.

    With 1,000+ complex products updated daily and multiple sales people delivering presentations across the country, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings’ sales teams were struggling to deliver a consistent sales experience. AkzoNobel recognized the need to simplify and streamline sales activity and enlisted Tessella to develop an iPad app for the Powder Coatings sales force. They needed a state of the art sales platform that would remove any guess work and guarantee complete consistency from initial inquiry right through to the completion of the sale.

    A Consultative, Iterative Approach Delivers Project Success

    AkzoNobel approached Tessella about the project for their considered approach and agile development methodologies.

    Having worked with Tessella in the past, we knew that their iterative, cyclical approach was crucial to the success of the project. During development, each successful iteration gave us confidence that the app would deliver measurable business value. Tessella’s approach was key to developing a tool that improved our way of working, and amazingly they managed to deliver the app using an agile approach to a fixed budget.

    Arthur Mosley
    Marketing Manager, AkzoNobel

    The Need for a Consistent, Efficient Sales Process

    AkzoNobel’s core powder coatings product range contains over 4,000 products and is updated on a weekly basis.

    With more than 100 team members accessing and editing the sales documentation, out of date product information and inconsistent sales presentations were a constant challenge.

    Given the comprehensive offer, the team were struggling to ensure that they had the latest sales materials and product documentation. As a result, phone calls to the marketing and technical support departments increased, as our sales people constantly needed to confirm they were giving prospects the right information. Ultimately both our prospects and our sales force were frustrated by slow progress and the risk of inconsistencies.

    Arthur Mosley
    Marketing Manager, AkzoNobel

    Streamlining the Sales Process

    To guarantee complete consistency across all sales activity, the app’s content is updated and managed from a single, centralized database. This database is updated on a weekly basis and automatically ‘pushed’ out to the sales team, giving them complete confidence that they’re always presenting accurate, up to date information to their prospects. The app also contains all of the documents the sales force needs in one location, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of software and the use of disparate files. The team now consider the app an integral part of their day to day activities.

    Increased Sales, a Shorter Sales Cycle

    When the app was rolled out to the UK sales team for testing, the initial results were impressive. AkzoNobel Powder Coatings saw an increase in sales as their team was empowered with all of the information they needed to confidently sell and cross sell a complex product range. The overall sales cycle was shortened because the sales force were able to provide prospects with answers and information on the spot, rather than having to contact AkzoNobel’s technical team and wait for a response.

    The onboarding process was also vastly improved. Because the app is closely aligned with the existing sales process and easy to use, new sales team members are now simply handed an iPad and are able to train themselves using the intuitive interface.

    Global Success

    Following the success of the iPad app in Europe, it’s now being deployed worldwide and is currently available in 11 languages. In order to drive further efficiencies, AkzoNobel are also planning to develop a version for the internal sales and technical teams.

    AkzoNobel are market and technology leaders, and now Tessella’s app development has taken our sales process to the next level as well. We see this as a step change to the business. It will be a game changer in terms of how we interact with our sales force and how we take the sales process forward.

    Arthur Mosley
    Marketing Manager, AkzoNobel