Clinigen Develops Cliniport for Efficient Medicine Distribution


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    Managing the ordering and delivery of medicines for a diverse client list is a complex process. When it also involves developing and supplying products globally, across different regional regulations, it adds another layer of complexity. Against this backdrop, drug distribution companies often struggle to process these large quantities of data quickly as there is no room for error.

    Tessella was the ideal partner for this project. They clearly understand our business objectives and worked with us to discuss our ideas on how the solution should be built.

    Phil Keegan
    Project Director at Clinigen

    That’s why Tessella and Clinigen Group, a global pharmaceutical and services company, partnered to develop a web-based operating system – Cliniport – to solve these issues head on.

    Clinigen purchases and supplies products across the world to ensure its customers – including healthcare professionals and researchers – can have access to the right medicines for the patients that need them at the right time, through a single, trusted supplier.

    Clinigen has rapidly grown over a short period of time and is the market leader in the ethical supply of unlicensed medicines. The Group has customers across the globe, each requiring access to medicines which can be subject to differing regulations and needs in each region and disease indication. To help manage the needs of its diverse and growing client list more efficiently, Clinigen partnered with Tessella to develop the Cliniport platform.

    Meeting Different Global Challenges

    One of the challenges that Clinigen faced was meeting the demands of customers in different jurisdictions. Suppliers and healthcare professionals all have to adhere to different standards and regulatory requirements depending on their locations, which can be a hurdle when managing orders.

    Clinigen also receives a huge scale of orders from different organisations around the world, and managing these through a compliant, manual system can prove costly in terms of both man power and time.

    To combat this, Clinigen needed an automated system that could understand and manage these diverse requests. With this in mind, Tessella developed Cliniport to interpret data from a client’s request to meet the regulatory requirements of each market.

    Phil Keegan, Project Director at Clinigen, said: “The pharmaceutical industry is not a ‘one size fits all’ space, each company supplies to a wide range of markets which have different local rules to adhere to around the types of medicines that are needed. For a company like Clinigen, that provides access to hundreds of medicines to individual patients across the world, often on behalf of other pharmaceutical companies, this is a monumental task despite being the experts.

    “The new Cliniport system effectively manages the vast number of requests we receive and positions us well into the future as we continue to provide more ethical, compliant and fast access to medicines.”

    Flexibility and Ease of Use

    The other challenge that Clinigen faced was its rapidly expanding client base. Due to its continued growth, Clinigen required a system that could provide it with the flexibility to grow with the company and evolve to meet customer demands as they increased.

    Cliniport was developed to be an open scale tool that could expand without the need to be replaced or updated. This was one of the main reasons that Clinigen chose to work with Tessella on the programme.


    Since the implementation of Cliniport, Clinigen has experienced immediate benefits from the system; the increased efficiency of the system has helped support the Group in its market leadership position of supplying unlicensed medicines.

    Phil Keegan said: “Cliniport now automates the customer order process, giving us more control, which is key. Our old process wasn’t capable of scaling and expanding at the same pace that Clinigen was which was the big driver for us to contact Tessella and make a change. We can now operate 30% more efficiently without having to increase time or resources, allowing us to concentrate on sustaining growth and meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements.

    “Tessella was the ideal partner for this project. They clearly understand our business objectives and worked with us to discuss our ideas on how the solution should be built. This collaborative and streamlined project process, resulted in a management system that was tailored to Clinigen’s specific needs. The end result was a platform that combined software and data processing expertise with domain knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and corresponding regulatory environments.”