Case Studies

Janet Analyses Data to Improve Network Performance and Availability

Janet, the publicly-funded organization that runs the UK’s research and education network, partnered with Tessella to develop Netsight ®, a new centralized monitoring system that provides a higher levels of visibility into the performance and[…]

iPad and iPhone Development with AkzoNobel

Working with Tessella, AkzoNobel have developed internationalized iOS apps to help designers share their creative vision with clients, and to give colour advice to consumers. AkzoNobel Decorative Paints AkzoNobel is the world’s leading decorative[…]

UK Debt Management Office Enhances Key Financial Software

The UK Debt Management Office, an Executive Agency of Her Majesty’s Treasury, relies on a range of tools to analyse certain aspects of the country’s finances.  Tessella have been helping the DMO to maintain and enhance this important simulation[…]

Janet Selects and Deploys New Business Intelligence Solution

Janet, the government-funded organisation that runs the UK’s research and education network, wanted to replace its existing business intelligence platform with a more up-to-date solution that could link more effectively with a wide range of[…]

GlaxoSmithKline Optimize Drug Discovery with Software Expertise

When GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) needed to turn academic research on genetic algorithm optimization into a working model they called on Tessella’s scientific software expertise. The resulting solution has the potential to help reduce the time and effort[…]

CEDA Brings Earth Observation Data to Life

When CEDA (Center for Environmental Data Archival) needed a way to enable scientists around the world to visualize and animate its extensive Earth observation dataset and climate simulation models, it called on Tessella’s scientific software and[…]

BiOxyDyn Meets Critical Milestone in Commercializing Oxygen Enhanced MRI

When BiOxyDyn, a spin out company from Manchester University, needed to turn their innovative research and Intellectual Property (IP) in non-invasive medical imaging into a commercially robust, well-architected and fully-documented set of software[…]

Unilever Rationalise Support of Legacy Scientific Applications

When Unilever needed to rationalise the way it supported and maintained its legacy scientific applications, it called on Tessella’s unique blend of professional and scientific software expertise. Initially focusing on key applications, the[…]

Keeping People Safe on BP’s Offshore Facilities

As one of the world’s largest energy companies, BP has massive global investments in oil and natural gas exploration and production.

ESA Herschel and Planck

Herschel and Planck, two of the largest and most complex scientific spacecraft ever developed by the European Space Agency, were launched in May 2009. We were a key member of the team that designed the Attitude Control and Measurement Subsystem for[…]

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