Case Studies

AkzoNobel Launch New Data Services for the Shipping Industry

AkzoNobel, a leading supplier of paints and coatings, is pushing into data driven services which help marine customers plan maintenance and reduce fuel costs

Creating a ‘Digital Twin’ of the UK’s National Infrastructure

Data allows the UK to make evidence-based infrastructure decisions, but making that data useable is a big job.

Rethinking Preclinical Data Collection

In the world of pharmaceutical R&D, data from clinical trials is managed extremely rigorously – patient safety must be monitored carefully, strict regulatory standards apply, and data protection and privacy laws must be followed. It might be[…]

Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter is part of ESA’s “cosmic vision” science programme exploring planets and life, the solar system, fundamental laws and the universe. Planned for launch in 2018, it continues ESA’s long heritage in space science, solar exploration, and[…]

Rothamsted Opens Up Data to Tackle Global Agriculture Challenges

Rothamsted Research, one of the world’s leading agricultural research institutes, has worked with data consultants, Tessella, to make data generated from one of its National Capability openly available to the world’s researchers. The[…]

Clinigen Develops Cliniport for Efficient Medicine Distribution

Managing the ordering and delivery of medicines for a diverse client list is a complex process. When it also involves developing and supplying products globally, across different regional regulations, it adds another layer of complexity. Against[…]

BP Harnesses Drilling Data to Save Millions

Drilling for and extracting oil is a complex and expensive process. Service companies provide equipment, people and technology which must come together seamlessly to drill a well. All of these components operate to a precise plan to reach a target[…]

The University of Oxford Develops Real-time Global Map to Track Infectious Diseases

Combining large diverse data sets, mathematical models and machine learning allows first live risk assessment of disease spread Tessella has built a new mapping system working alongside researchers in the Spatial Ecology & Epidemiology Group (SEEG)[…]

AkzoNobel Boost Sales

AkzoNobel worked with Tessella to develop a sales iPad app that delivers increased sales, a shorter sales cycle and vastly improved confidence for the entire sales team. Challenges Sales process needed to be innovative to inspire prospects.[…]

Fusion for Energy Improves Reporting Capabilities

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is responsible for providing Europe’s contribution to ITER, the world’s largest scientific partnership that aims to demonstrate fusion as a viable and sustainable source of energy. It had the necessity of integrating[…]

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