iPad and iPhone Development with AkzoNobel


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    Working with Tessella, AkzoNobel have developed internationalized iOS apps to help designers share their creative vision with clients, and to give colour advice to consumers.

    AkzoNobel Decorative Paints

    AkzoNobel is the world’s leading decorative paints company, owning global brands such as Dulux and Sikkens. Their customers range from trade distributors for professionals to “big box” chains like B&Q, Home Depot and Bricomarché.



    Tried and Tested

    Following a long experience of working together successfully, AkzoNobel asked Tessella to support the development of their new iOS apps. AkzoNobel knew that Tessella would understand the complexities of working in a global environment, where different brands have their own unique identities which are important to capture in a way that still fits within the overall framework.

    iPhones and iPads

    Tessella’s first work on the project was to help improve the codebase of the UK Decorative iPhone app, add new features and fully internationalise the app for AkzoNobel’s global markets. Following this, Tessella began work on a Global iPad app targeted at creative specifiers.

    iPad app development is different to traditional software development. The way users interact with a tablet app is quite different from the way they interact with a web page on a laptop. AkzoNobel’s apps need to be more than just functional – the iPad app in particular had to be appealing to designers.

    Tessella worked with AkzoNobel to flesh out the specification, with a particular emphasis on how the user interface would be used. Tessella’s approach was iterative, which helped AkzoNobel to provide feedback throughout the development – if AkzoNobel wanted to change something, they could let Tessella know before it became fixed in stone. It also gave the opportunity for AkzoNobel to change their minds about some features, meaning they didn’t end up paying for functionality that would never get used.

    The free app allows professional interior designers and architects to share their creative vision with clients. Designers can choose from an array of colours in the AkzoNobel palette, draw inspiration from coordinating colours, and combine images on a mood board. Users can also select colours in their own pictures, and match them with existing AkzoNobel paint colours, or find coordinating colours in the range.

    One of the advantages of implementing this on an iPad is the ease with which ideas can be implemented and reworked on an interactive canvas – with the addition of a few notes directly on to the mood board, a designer can share their ideas with clients online or via email.

    Tessella also helped with the release of the app through the Apple App Store. To support AkzoNobel’s global reach, versions of the app are now available throughout Asia, the US, Canada, Latin America, South Africa and Western Europe (covering over half of the World’s population).

    Rebecca Collings, Senior Digital Projects Manager at AkzoNobel, commented “We are delighted with the speed of which we were able to bring this new Global ipad app to market, it has been a huge success. The free app is available in over 30 countries and we have received some excellent feedback.” 

    The Dulux Trade Colour Concept app is available free of charge on the App Store. Search on iTunes for Dulux Trade Colour Concept to download the app in the UK, or click here to visit iTunes.