How Tessella Pioneers Innovation

    At Tessella, we forge partnerships with our clients to pioneer innovative and professional solutions to complex problems. We're able to deliver rapid and sustainable business value from our clients' data by creating world-leading, end-to-end data science, AI, and scientific software solutions.



    Over 450 employees worldwide in 2021


    Multiple award-winning company, with accolades in innovation and investing in people


    Over 40 years of experience under our belt

    Our History, Work + Values

    At Tessella, our values inform everything we do. They’re who we are. Suffice to say, every member of our team is dedicated to transforming business through the application of AI and data science.

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    What Matters to Us

    When you work with us, you want to know what’s important to us as individuals. There are four main components that make up our culture, and they’re reflected in the work we do and the ethic we approach all of our projects with.

    Delivering Value

    We work closely with you to achieve your goals. Collaboration is important to us, and we take the time to understand your desired outcomes from the project. When we deliver, we aim to inspire and delight you while respecting your decisions every step of the way.

    • We value long-term, sustainable client relationships based on trust, honesty, and respect
    • Tessella aspires to lead the way on best practice and constant improvement
    • Professionalism and quality are at the centre of everything we do

    Developing Ourselves

    One of our greatest drivers is the desire to develop ourselves, not just as a business, but as individuals too. We value curious people who seek to expand their knowledge base.

    • We believe in both specialists and generalists, and employ a versatile team
    • We value contribution to our knowledge growth
    • Taking ownership of both a problem and its solution are key tenets for a team member

    Working Together

    We’ve created a culture of positivity at Tessella and offer support and guidance to anyone in need of it. Our shared experiences shape our company, and we all learn from the good and the bad. Praise is given, mistakes are admitted and learned from, and we overcome hurdles together.

    • We don’t let people fail
    • Our experiences are shared with our teammates, so everyone can learn from them
    • We value using consensus to make swift, thoughtful decisions

    Growing Tessella

    We believe developing ourselves as individuals runs concurrently alongside the growth of Tessella as a business. Innovation and ideas are at the forefront of what we do, and we value those who take a pragmatic approach to risks. We don’t believe in constraining ourselves or our ambition with unnecessary rules – in fact, we break boundaries.

    • The ability to listen, evaluate, and understand is crucial
    • The value in our work isn’t just in what we do, but how we do it. To that end, we prize ethics and integrity over all else when conducting business
    • We’re not averse to taking risks, but we’re smart about how we take them